There’s been an interesting dance behind the curtain of the networks that cover professional golf. No doubt dozens of phone calls and emails have been traded between executives and Augusta National

Some players view chipping and pitching as separate entities from the full swing. They have their full-swing feels, and they have their short-game feels. I’ve never thought of it that way.

It's hard times out there right now. Something like 6.6 million Americans have filed for unemployment due to the coronavirus. And while it may seem trivial to say, no industry

Nearly two decades ago, Tony Chateauvert had an 8:15 tee time off the 10th hole at Inwood Country Club on a glorious Tuesday morning on the west end of Long Island.

Understandably, people weren't as into April Fools' Day this year considering the past month feels like a gigantic and tragic practical joke gone wrong. But in a world looking for

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit a giant pause button on fans being able to watch golf on TV, and in some cases, even kept people off courses. But while we