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The PGA Tour announced a three-month suspension on Friday for Robert Garrigus following a failed drug test. Although the tour used the term "drug of abuse," Garrigus confirmed it was marijuana

You've run down the fairway-bunker checklist in your head—take an extra club, dig into the sand with your feet, grip down on the handle, aim a little right of the target—all

Five-time European Tour winner Mikko Ilonen is retiring from competitive golf at 39 to focus on "my family and my own wellbeing." The undisputed greatest golfer in Finland's history made the

The USGA has come under fire for its latest revision to the Rules of Golf, with a number of high-profile players complaining about the lack of rapport between the PGA

Golf Digest SELECT is launching a limited edition line of products inspired by Valentino Dixon originals. If you haven't heard the story, Dixon spent 27 years in prison for